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High School Youth Ministry

The objective of this ministry is to build a community of faith.  Growth in the faith continues after Confirmation, through interactive presentations, service learning, immersion, leadership building, mentoring, prayer and networking - all in the safe, friendly atmosphere. 8th Grade students are also invited to come experience the Youth Group Community as an introduction. Students are given opportunities to deepen their understanding of God through Catholic Social Teachings, scripture and the world that they live in. Students obtain opportunities to lead reflections, prayers and retreats.


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Leadership Training Opportunities - students are trained overtime on how to lead small and large group sessions. Importantly how to be present to one another. The simple ministry of presence if one of our biggest push. 

Volunteer Opportunities - high school students are given an opportunity to help, build, direct, lead, organize, plan and facilitate events such as: dinners, retreats, faith formation programs, immersion events etc. 

Service Immersion and Mission - this includes both short term and long term mission opportunities. In the past we have been on mission trips to Camden, Philadelphia and Jamaica where we built relationships on the foundation of faith in solidarity. Mission Jamaica is a week long experience with Mustard Seed. 

Starbucks Mondays - Families and friends of youth ministry are invited to spend time in conversation. This is one of our most popular events which happens a few times a month. 

Movie Friday/ Gym Night/ Stations of the Cross - teens select a Friday of the month which works, during that time we spend time in prayer and fellowship by watching a though provoking film which is generally followed by faith/ culture discussion. 

Mass & Friends - select weekend mass which includes dinner for youth ministry friends and families  and games/ activities post mass. 

Summer Program - Monday-Thursday. Times are varied, opportunities includes service, spiritual, social opportunities:

Serve Mondays - Service in Camden/ Philadelphia is a time of fellowship and community building with our brothers and sisters of faith. 

Friends Tuesday - Potluck Evening where youth invite their families and friends for a social night of faith building. 

Fun Wednesday - in the past we have visited NYC via train, UN Tour, Philly Run, Franklin Square Ice-Cream Eve, AC Mass and Shore, Coffee Nights, Yoga/ Meditation Evenings......

Spirituality Thursday - teens meet for fellowship and prayer which includes games, meditation, prayer, stories, scripture: the challenge each time is to find out where is God in all our lives. 



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