Christ Our Light parish is committed to a year long faith formation program for  middle and high school students as they discover faith/ deepen and grow in it.Our program is unique and includes fellowship and community building as we seek to foster faith filled relations.   Follow the links below to learn what we offer:

7th and 8th Grade Youth Faith Formation - 200 students - This program includes the last two years of students' formal education in the Christian faith.

• Fellowship - Nurturing - Love & Care is what we seek to offer ensuring that all youth know that they are loved unconditionally by God and supported by the parish.
• Program includes a simple meal weekly provided by assigned families, this is a good time to check in with kids & families.
• Program seek to engage our high school students at this time as they journey to assist for service hours or simply to be present, their presence is helpful for our younger students to see “this isn't the end” but sacrament prep is a journey forward, "a visible presence of God's love" in the community.
• Classes also include participation in the parish community: youth ministry events, service and retreats.
• Commitment to ongoing prayer and journal reflection of God moments seen liturgically and in each other.
• Integration of scripture and an application of applying the scriptures. 

Confirmation Preparation - The Sacramental journey is lifelong. As we prepare our youth for confirmation may we all be mindful of the Holy Spirit and the call to respond, evangelize and prayerfully recommit ourselves to God.

This program prepares 8th graders to receive the sacrament of Confirmation in their freshman year of high school. We also journey with high school students as well who have decided this is the time to receive the sacrament now that it holds a deeper a meaning in their schema. Includes: prayerful retreat opportunities with parish, commitment to service immersion & fellowship with the youth of the parish, mass participation and reflection of experiences with youth director and catechists.

Importantly, our engaging and impactful High School Youth Ministry Program is integrated with our Confirmation Preparation Program. Confirmation is a parish Sacrament.

"I believe in living life that makes my parents and my community proud. I try my hardest to keep my Catholic values as part of who I am." Tyler Conney

"I sat with the Youth Group during Mass, which different than sitting with my family. Mass was a bit long, but I had some time to think about Jesus and God. I thought it was really sad to think about Jesus' sacrifice for everyone. He died such a painful death that it's hard to think about and understand. It's really nice to think that God and Jesus love us all so much, even when we make mistakes."  Frank Striffler

Confirmation Video- The Strengthening of the Spiritual Life

Middle School Youth Ministry - Weekly gatherings  for 7th, and 8th graders allow our public and Catholic school students to connect.Fellowship is nurturing as we foster growth in harping on the message that all are one, all belong. How can the sacraments make sense if we do no meet each other, reach each other, teach each other, love each other? Sacrament prep is a reminder later on that as we build we grow. 

High School Youth Ministry - Growth in the faith continues after Confirmation, through interactive presentations, service opportunities, and networking - all in the safe, friendly atmosphere. Program Includes:

Overnight Retreat
Youth leadership workshop  
Mission Experience  
Parent teen service project
Open House 
Yoga Evenings 
5k event
Prayer with Africa in Haddonfield  
Prayer & Meditation Eve
Starbucks & Friends
Movie/ Gym Fridays
Tuesday- Middle & High School
Thursday- High School
Holiday Party Events 
Birthday Celebrations
Graduation Parties 
Mass & Friends


  • SUMMER PROGRAM is open to middle and high school students from both public and Catholic schools, youth of the community in general and those visiting for holidays. We hope to cultivate friendship, fun and fellowship. Join us Thursdays of the Summer 6:30-8:30pm. See calendar for details. 


Youth Mission Immersion - As Catholics our responsibility is to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in need. How else can we live eucharist and build our sacramental life? Service Immersion events are integrated into the 7th and 8th grade program which is then followed into confirmation and beyond. Post confirmation students are invited to continue living as missionary disciples. Our partnership and work includes a connection with:

Mustard Seed Jamaica
Center For Faith Justice: NeXt Level Trenton
DeSales Service Works

Local Parish initiatives:
Cherry Hill Food Pantry
Parish Mitzvah Day
Catholic Charities partnerships





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