Vision & Mission

As the parishioners of the Catholic Community of Christ Our Light in the Diocese of Camden, we are called and sent by Christ to reflect His light in our words and actions.  Thus, in the spirit of inclusion, renewal, healing, and service, we will strive to bring all people closer together and closer to God.

We envision growing ever more into a community that welcomes all people, celebrates liturgy with enthusiasm and joy, reaches out compassionately to those in need, and encourages and empowers people to grow in relationship with God.


This we will accomplish when we

  • Accept everyone as he or she has been created
  • Develop strong leadership from within the community
  • Invite others to be part of our faith and community
  • Build bridges to those disconnected from the church community
  • Make liturgy integral to our lives
  • Empower people to work for justice
  • Reach out and serve our brothers and sisters locally and globally
  • Nourish and heal the broken
  • Create opportunities for continued spiritual growth and lifelong faith formation